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Our Story

Sachlav is a leading Israeli tour operator with over 30 years experience in educational tourism.

Many moons ago a young man set out to explore the world. On his travels he considered the things that meant the most to him: his family, his country (Israel) and his passion—travel.  One day, as he was hiking through the mountains in Bali, he was struck by lightning! Oops …. we mean struck by an idea! What if he could combine his passion for travel and his love for his country by giving others the opportunity to embark on an epic adventure in Israel?  No more than a year later, SACHLAV, Creative Israel Experience was born!  The man’s name was Divon.

Our Mission

  • To encourage individuals to discover their personal connection to Israel.
  • To encourage individuals to explore their identity within the context of their own story.
  • To provide high quality programming rooted in experiential education.
  • To provide a fun, authentic, dynamic and multicultural Israel experience.
  • To promote mutual respect between individuals with different backgrounds, values and beliefs.

Our Values

As a tour operator with the unique opportunity to impact thousands of people a year, we are continuously striving to improve ourselves and the world around us. The following values drive us: diversity, inclusiveness, creating opportunities & experiential education.


Divon Yron



Tzviki Ben David

Director- Head of Private Tours


Adi Ben-Menachem Alon

HR & Business Development Manager


Micky Aziz Komer

Educational Director


Ayala Bergson`

Programs Director


Shaul Vitkovskiy

Director of Russian Division