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Sachlav is a leading Israel tour organizer with over 25 years of experience. We are one of the largest Birthright Israel tour providers through our IsraelontheHouse program. Our Top Israel Interns division offers both 5 month semester and 6 week summer programs through Masa Israel. The Sachlav Group was devised by CEO and Founder, Divon Yron, who wanted to provide tours to Israel that offer ease of travel and a warm, knowledgeable and hands on staff. Our offices comprise of a team that connects with our clients and are passionate about the country we represent. Whether it is one of the thousands of Birthright Israel participants that travel with us or a small family trip, we ensure that not a single Sachlav traveler does not leave without meeting  a team member personally and receiving a hearty handshake.

Sachlav staffs a team of enthusiastic tourism professionals including an educational director skilled in planning dynamic trips as well as tour guides and travel experts who are acquainted with every corner of Israel and every relevant vendor. No effort is spared in ensuring that you will feel confident in your choice of  Sachlav as your tour provider and that you depart Israel feeling that you have experienced an in-depth and well rounded tour of Israel.

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